Cruising the Malecòn, Classic Cars, and Fidel

Greetings from Havana! I arrived in Cuba a few weeks after Fidel passed away. When I asked a Cuban friend how things have changed since his passing, his response was, “He’s been gone for a long time.”

Cubans in Cuba, (let’s be real… they aren’t the like the Cubans in Miami…) live under a socialist regime, want to get out but can’t, believe in the revolution, but want more freedom.  So, what to do? Create your own micro-capitalist system.

Although many of these money-making industries are partners with and/or controlled by the state, there are some industries that have been allowed to flourish, namely, the American Classic Car/Tourism industry.

In Cuba, American Classic cars are meticulously maintained with the utmost Cuban pride. Watching me take photos of her car, the owner said, “You like these very beautiful Cuban cars?!” Absolutely.

The communist/socialist party is alive and well in Cuba, and there is a quiet acceptance to its omnipotence. I found these murals throughout Havana neighborhoods- on schoolhouse walls, random corners, and in tourist areas. See my previous post for a detailed explanation.

Cuba is rapidly changing. While there is a direct link to the past,

…there is also  a nod to the future.

In 2018 Raul will step down, and Cuba will usher in her first non-military rule since the revolution.  Hopefully, we will see more entrepreneurship and freedoms for Cuban nationals.

While we wait, let’s take a look at more beautiful cars:

Until next time, adiòs from Vedado!